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Exhibitors of Expo Mongolia gladly invite you to meet the for personel talks during the three days of the show.

Please find below the company descriptions. You can register online for your free trade fair entry
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Product groups

Target group

ATN Korea Co.
  Korean Food Trade Association(KOFTA) which is one of the most famous Korean food trade association, has nearly 1,000co-companies. ‘ATN KOREA’ is a subsidiary company of KOFTA. ATN KOREA exports Korean healthy food and fruit such as apples, pears, tangerins, mushroom, Kimchi, laver, and red ginseng, while it imports and provides a variety of foreign food to domesticity.  
Xtreme Farm’s plant factory controls temperature, moisture, carbon dioxide and the quantity of lights by fully automated system for optimiaing the perfect environment for agricultural produce.
Our first product of plant factiory is EUN HWA GO mushroom, we are developing more items.
Distributors, agents

  Complete range of machines and equipment with high quality standard and innovation according to the best tradition of the Bongioanni brand and in particular:
-    Automatic box feeders
-    Rubber belt conveyors for clay
-    Clay-crushers
-    Bucket excavators
-    Wet pan mills
-    Clay disintegrators
-    Stone separators
-    Refining roller mills
-    Automatic grinding machines
-    Automatic lathes
-    Mixers
-    Double-shaft filter mixers
-    Sifting mixers
-    Extruders
-    Presses for tiles, world-wide known for being the highest standard for roofing tiles presses on the world marked
-    Extrusion dies for any design type and for every need of the customer
-    Moulds for roof tiles, with more than 2500 different models produced
Heavy clay industry (manufacturers of clay bricks & blocks and manufacturers of clay roofing tiles)
  Korean Red Ginseng Tea
It is granulated form made of Korean Red Ginseng Extract through unique process.
Direction: Please put one tea bag into hot or cold water and stir well. Add sweetner if desired.
Distributors, Agents
Importers or Distributors of Health functional food or medicine
Importers or Distributors of Tea and confectionary
  Retort Soup Products (Korean Traditional Food)/ Cold Noodles Set
GYODONG FOOD is producing high quality meat and delicious soup of Ginseng Chicken Soup, Spicy Beef Soup, and Beef Bone Soup and etc, also elastic and fresh Cold Noodles, which are Korean traditional food. After packing, put the product in retort machine to complete pressurization, sterilization so that it can be kept in room temperature and possible to sell in department store or circulation enterprises.
Distributors, Agents
Hae Song Foods Co., Ltd.
  Sea Laver (Seaweeds) products
Dried Sea Laver / Seasoned Laver (Original taste, Teriyaki taste, Chilly taste, Wasabi taste) / Roasted Sea Laver
Distributor, Agents
Haetter Co., Ltd.
  Pocket Fermented Red Ginseng Extract Gold
Pocket Fermented Red Ginseng Extract Gold is diluted with purified water with concentrated red ginseng extract and packed in stick type sachet which allow for easire consumption during  travel,business trip,going out,out door activities or exercise. It is easily portable and just taking 1 stick per 1 day
Distributor, Agents
Food Importer, Health Food importer
Food Wholesaler, Health Food Wholesaler
Mart Manager
Han & Global Co., Ltd  
Choco Stick
long chocolate biscuit with various toppings like almond, peanut, coconut, cookies and others.
Korea Genetic Pharm Co., Ltd.


  GinsengKhan Ginseng Berry Extracts
Ginseng Khan is made of ginseng berry over 4 years old, cultivated in clean zone of Yeoncheon, Korea.
Since various saponins are abundant compared to roots, people of all ages can improve immunity and vitality, and help to overcome fatigue.  It also helps in improving memory.
LASCO Umformtechnik GmbH
  •    Hydraulic presses for solid forming
•    Hydraulic presses for sheet-metal forming
•    Hydraulic powder metal press
•    Hydraulic hammers (Double-acting hammer HO-U, Counterblow hammer GH)
•    Screw presses (Screw press SPR/SPP)
•    Pre-forming lines
•    Forging rolls (Forging/cross wedge roll RCW/QKW, Axial feed cross roll AVQ)
We are looking for direct customers for cold and hot forging applications.  For example producers of forging parts in the automotive, aerospace, railway, hand tools, shipping and medical implants industry.

  Drilling rigs, Piling technologies and crawler cranes. -Ground Engineering & Ground Construction Companies
-Construction Companies
-Construction Machinery Dealers
-Geotechnical Companies
  Honey Citron Tea 1kg
Honey Citron Tea is made of fresh citron grown in Geoje island & Gohung in Korea, so you will enjoy sweet and sour taste of citron. High amount of organic matters in citron have effective in preventing cold & cough as well as improving to relieve fatigue.
OBO Bettermann GmbH & Co KG
  •    VBS     Connection and fastening systems
•    TBS     Transient voltage and lightning protection systems
•    KTS     Cable support systems
•    BSS     Fire protection systems
•    EGS     Devices systems
•    LFS     Cable routing systems
Electrical wholesalers, Electrical installers, electrical installations end users, architects,   planers,  designers, electrical engineers in Mongolia
PROGRESS GROUP GmbH / EBAWE Anlagentechnik GmbH    www.progress-group.com   Plants and single machines for the manufacture of precast concrete panels
Reinforcement machinery
Mould systems
Equipment for prestressed elements
Software solutions for the precast and rebar industry
Precast concrete factories
Building companies
Architects and national house-building program
  Float valves for tanks Distributor
Systemair GmbH
  Axial fans
Roof fan
Duct fans (circular & rectangular)
Interested parties for ventilation and air conditioning